THEE MOST COMFORTABLE FREAKING SHOES I HAVE EVER LAID MY LADY FEET IN. Adidas FitFoam. Freaking temperpedic mattress for my soles <3

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A quick cd cover i did for a class

My Grandmother, Prince, and I.

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Ok, i’m gonna do another giveaway because I’m kind of obsessed with them right now, and also I just made this new line of jewelry with one of my fav etsy sellers of all time, Boopsie Daisy!!!  She’s a photographer who creates the most adorable set ups with dolls, ice cream and other funny and adorable treats.  I am pretty much in love with her.

So, all you have to do is reblog (And also be following me) for a chance to win. I’m going to give away 3 necklaces but I can remake all of them, so if you win you can pick which one you want.  I will randomly select the 3 winners this Sunday night, June 5th at 6pm EST. 

I have a ton of other adorable jewelry from me and Boopsiedaisy collab for sale here!!!!

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